If you make use of the TeachOpenCADD material in scientific publications, please cite our respective articles. It will help measure the impact of the TeachOpenCADD platform and future funding, thank you!

TeachOpenCADD Jupyter notebooks

TeachOpenCADD Jupyter notebooks’ main citation for talktorials T001-T022 (paper):

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TeachOpenCADD Jupyter notebooks’ original citation for talktorials T001-T010 (paper):

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TeachOpenCADD Jupyter notebooks on kinase similarities spanning talktorials T023-T028 (paper):

    author = {Kimber, Talia B and Sydow, Dominique and Volkamer, Andrea},
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TeachOpenCADD Jupyter notebooks on deep learning spanning talktorials T033-T038 (paper):

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TeachOpenCADD KNIME workflows (paper):

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How to use the TeachOpenCADD material for teaching (book chapter):

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