For contributors

You are welcome to contribute to the project either by requesting new topics, proposing ideas or getting involved in the development!

  • Engage with the maintainers and other TeachOpenCADD users in our GitHub Discussions forum!

  • Send us your ideas for new talktorials via this form!

  • If you plan to contribute a new talktorial, please use this talktorial template and this PR template. Feel free to contact us before you start!

  • If you like to support us in maintaining TeachOpenCADD, please contact us!

TeachOpenCADD has been initiated by the members of Volkamer Lab, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, with special thanks to @dominiquesydow, @jaimergp and @AndreaVolkamer. The platform has been filled with life by our students from the CADD courses taught in the bioinformatics program at Freie Universität Berlin.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed and is contributing to TeachOpenCADD by working on talktorials (check out the talktorial READMEs for author information) and/or by helping in any other way (see GitHub contributors).